Street Folk Vol. 2 : Busking Songs

by 4th River Music Collective

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This album is a collection of our “Busking Songs”

Most of them are old traditional songs that we’ve created our own versions of, mashed up, and spit out. They've been passed around by different musicians and bands, through time and space, and these are our interpretations of them These are the songs we often play out on the street, around the fire, or anywhere else we congregate.

The 4th River Music Collective was born out of buskers, street artists, and radicals of Pittsburgh PA.

Featured on this album are:

The Hills and the Rivers:

Nomad Mountain Outlaws:

Cousin Boneless:

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released December 7, 2016

Recorded and Engineered by Kasey Fusco at Etc. Studios in Ambridge, PA.

Freeborn Man written by Keith Allison and Mark Lindsey
Wild Mountain Thyme written by Francis McPeake
Coal Tattoo written by Billy Edd Wheeler
16 Tons written by Merle Travis
Evil written by Shovels & Rope



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4th River Music Collective Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh based collective of street musicians and artists

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Track Name: Freeborn Man
G/G7 , C, G, D, C, G,D
Track Name: The Hills and the Rivers - Lonesome Valley
Gm, D7, Gm, Cm, Gm, D7, Gm
Track Name: The Hills and the Rivers - Wild Mountain Thyme
G,C,G / C, G, Em / C, Am, C / G, C, G
Track Name: Red Rocking Chair
1st part: C, G / C, G, Em/ D Em/D, G
2nd part: G Em (x3) / D, G
Track Name: Nomad Mountain Outlaws - Coal Tattoo
Em, C, G / Em, D, C/
Em, C, G /Em, D, C/ Em, D, Em

G, D, C / Em, D, C/
G, D, C/ Em, D, C,/ Em, D, Em
Track Name: Nomad Mountain Outlaws - Delta Bound
A part: Fm, C#7,C7, F / C#7, C7, Fm, Bb, F
B part: Bb, F7, Bb, F7, C7
Track Name: 16 Tons
Em, C, B7 (x2)
Em, Am, Em, C, B7 Em
Track Name: Cousin Boneless - Evil (Shovels & Rope Cover)
Verse: Em. B7
Em, Am, G, Em
G, Am, Em

Chorus: Am, G, B7, Em (G) (x2)
Track Name: Cousin Boneless - Devil Inside
Am, Dm, Am, E / Am, E, Am