Cousin Boneless : Trash Masquerade

by 4th River Music Collective

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Recorded and engineered by Kasey Fusco at Etc. Studios
in Ambridge, PA

Written and Produced by Cousin Boneless

Cover art by Noel’le Longhaul
Tracklist art by Ricky Steece

4th River Music Collective
released July 23, 2015

Chris Blake – Accordion/ Electric Guitar/ Vox/ Banjo on track 3
Joey Schuller – Banjo/ Vox/ Accordion on track 3
Jonny Snape – Washboard/ Drums/ Chains
Joe Miller – Trombone
Storm Shimp – Washtub Bass/ backup vox
Kyle Stinson – Singing Saw (tracks 1,3,6,8,9) / Screams
Kenze – Singing Saw (tracks 2,3, 4,5,7) / backup vox
James Bristol – Stand up bass / Mandolin
Natasha Velvet – Harp
Courtney CoCo – Spoons

(lyrics for track 8 are from the woodcuts "Dance of Death" by Hans Holbein)


released December 28, 2015

Mad Props to:

Kasey Fusco, Courtney CoCo, Noel’le Longhaul, Rail Yard Ghosts, The Hills and the Rivers, Ricky Steece, Matt Heckler, Marlon Battad, Days N Daze, Arroyo Deathmatch, Nomad Mountain Outlaws, Feral Booty, Belligerence, Mama’s Broke, Ladies on the Rag, Hashbrown Belly Boys, Mallory, We the Heathens, Ghost Guest, Mary Fuego, Endless Mike and the Beagle Club, Baltimore String Felons, Dead Cat, Gnarly Whales, Cowabunga Breakfast and the Ches Kats, The Hillstead and Mama Hill, All our Moms, Harrison and the Spider House, The Boardwalk, Hairy Deb’s House of Tacos, Alice st House, Bath House, House with No Name, The Wagon Wheel, The Rat’s Nest, Eric and the Abandoned Store, Super Happy Fun Land, Black Butte, Max and Crooked Wood, The Free Farm, Everyone in the 4th River Music Collective, Satan Lord of Darkness, Dirty Gurtie, High Holy, BB, Amalia Lillios, Uncle Charlie, Sue and Mike Shay, Natania, Kenze, Ben Roberson, Heidi Hill, James Bristol, Old School Dave, Dexter, Natasha Velvet, Tatiana, Larkin and her Mama, Flashbacks and the crew, Planet Sarbez, Radio Bean and Nicole, Park House, Pete Spynda, Matt Miller, Hollywood Kevin, Mafdet Gabby, Leah Mailloux, Hannah Peterson, Colby Aminti, Tiffany Beyer, The good folks of Daniels WV for fixing our van, Roby, Sal, Layna, and Pete from NoLa, Mott, Breezy, River, Jess, Ryan, Kellen, Tim, the Fest pool party, Courtney Becker, Zimma, Ray Gerard, Roaming Bear and his Mama, The guy who was the drummer kid from School of Rock, Doggy, Greyson, Scott Eaton, Laura Lee, Eileen, Ugg, Marcin, Pink & Logan, Estaban, Logan in VT, and the homies in SD with the Cavern.

Seriously, this album, our band as a whole, and our amazing lives could not be possible without the help of these people and many more. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



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4th River Music Collective Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh based collective of street musicians and artists

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